Introducing eXapath

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe innovative eXapathTM cable conduit system from Homepath Products LLC…because there’s always going to be that next thing…

Design and build your new home, remodel or renovation with lasting value by providing for low voltage cable changes over time with eXapath from Homepath Products, LLC.

  • eXapath installs behind the wall and remains out of sight.
  • eXapath is there when you need it, hidden when you don’t.
  • eXapath is elegant, integrates seamlessly within framing and is feature rich.
  • eXapath provides the benefit of a lasting technology upgrade path.
  • eXapath reduces total cost of ownership (considering reduced cabling initially and minimized installation expenses over time).
  • eXapath works great with common insulation products, especialy well with expanding foam insulation.
  • eXapath allows the homeowner to get behind the wall simply and easily, now and in the future.

Prepare your home to take full advantage of next generation consumer electronics.  Whether you desire home theater with Surround Sound 7.1, whole house audio, CATV, CCTV, video distribution, data networking, advanced security or home automation, the eXapath cable conduit system provides a hidden system of low voltage cable pathways that integrate seamlessly during construction, allowing cable installation before drywall is installed…and more importantly, they work equally well after drywall is installed…for the life of the home.11